A wetter permeable concrete is better permeable concrete

Our permeable concrete admixtures PCA Pro and PCA SloSet will set a new benchmark in the performance of permeable concrete.

PCA Pro is a specially formulated patented permeable concrete admixture that allows for more water in the mix while preventing paste slippage. With PCA Pro, water/cement ratios can rise to as high as 0.40 allowing for dramatically faster discharge and installation with less effort. Getting your permeable concrete on the ground and covered faster means more moisture in the slab for longer, resulting in less chance of ravelling and therefore call-backs. Please note: Your current permeable concrete mix designs must be adjusted to work with PCA Pro.


PCA SloSet

PCA SloSet is a ready-to-use liquid solution specifically designed to be used in Portland cement concretes. The ingredients are pre-mixed in exact proportions under a strict quality control environment to provide uniform results. One litre weighs approximately 1.15kg ± 0.02kg. To stabilise the cement hydration, PCA SloSet is a specifically engineered admixture to be added when batching the permeable concrete. Stabilising with PCA SloSet extends the life of the concrete, greatly benefiting transportation and installation – resulting in a consistent finish throughout the entire job. To ensure peak performance of the permeable concrete is delivered, PCA SloSet should only be used in conjunction with PCA Pro.

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